Reviews & Feedback

This is the page for reviews and feedback on past customer interactions here at SoCal BMW Installs. We hope this helps new customers gauge the quality of work and integrity that we stand by. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at (714) 485-9794. Thanks!

Review 1: nguyenvn (n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Coupe:

Major props to Rob for fixing my problems today. We took care of a boost leak issue and adjusted my downpipes from rubbing. My elbow had a small hole in it and there was also a leak at the meth bung. The downpipes were improperly installed by BMW when they replaced my turbos. Yes the replaced them with all my mods on but unfortunately they messed up on my downpipes. At least I got new turbos.

Rob is very knowledgeable and I would take my car to him again. He definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with his service. Thanks again Rob!


Review 2: mj888(n54tech forum name) 2010 BMW 535i Sedan:

I would personally like to thank Rob for his great work. He did an Intake Valve Cleaning. He is very knowledgeable and super professional, not to mention very honest and humble. The customer service that he provided was way better than what I would get at a dealership or any high end performance shop. He went beyond my expectation trying to troubleshoot my problems. You can’t get customer service like that anywhere else. If you need any kind of work done, I would highly recommend giving Rob a call.

1. Car warms up super-quick.
2. No more rough idles (mostly noticed in cold weather).
3. Acceleration is extremely linear and responsive.
4. Turbo lag has significantly decreased.
5. Engine noise has decreased.

If you need any kind of work done, I would highly recommend giving Rob a call.


Review 3: pnguyen(n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Convertible:

Had walnut blasting, AFE intake installed, & jb4 installed. Rob did an exceptional job. He explained and showed me what he was doing as he was doing it. He is very knowledgeable.

As a newbie to bmw’s, can be intimidating to go to dealerships and independant bmw shops for service, but Rob was really nice and easy to talk to.

Thanks Rob for the great work you did on my car. Will be back for future services.


Review 4: Whateva(n54tech forum name) 2008 BMW 335i Sedan:

First time: Rob’s the man! He walnut blasted, changed the oil housing gasket along with oil and coolant and cleaned vanos solenoids in one day! My car runs like brand new and was able to turn my JB+ 100% with no more P0015 errors. He’s a pro and will be returning to him for future maintenance.

Second time:┬áRob does it again! He installed 6 new injectors index 12 now the car idles like new, no misfires and the JB4 he installed punches like tyson in his youth. Can’t wait to see him again for the pump flash!

I live near Santa Monica and its worth making the trip to see him. I had a mechanic nearby that supposedly changed my valve cover. When Rob did the injector install and pulled the plugs, he found oil in the spark plug wells and some weird sealant around the edges of the valve cover. Shady ass mechanics.

Rob is worth every effort and is the most honest mechanic you’ll ever meet.

Thank you Rob!

Hit ’em people:


Review 5: samstryker(n54tech forum name) 2008 BMW 535xi Wagon:

I had Rob squeeze a giant 7″ VRSF fmic into my e61 for me a while back. He did an amazing job! He took his time and made sure everything fit perfectly. The intercooler is still working flawlessly

Thanks Rob!


Review 6: svtmicah(n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Sedan:

Rob did the walnut blast on my e90…. I drove 80 miles to have him do the work…. I stepped out for a couple of hours while he did his thing. He took videos of the before and after areas…. Just an honest dude!! Thx Rob


Review 7:Showdown045 (n54tech forum name) 2010 BMW 335i Convertible:

Huge thanks to Rob! I took my car to him for DPs, tcu flash, Bms backend flash and JB4 G5. Not only did Rob knock out the job in great time, he was also able to correct some questionable work from a performance shop that installed my chargepipe and fmic.

Rob took photos of their work and we could clearly see that things were not done correctly.

After installing everything the right way, Rob took the time to give me crash course on JB4 operating procedures. We did an extensive test drive, switching maps, discussing boost targets and he was kind enough to print out a cheat sheet for me.
Rob is the only way to go if you are looking for an honest guy with super fair prices!


Review 8: ag7373(n54tech forum name) 2009 BMW 535i Sedan:

Thanks a ton to Rob. I took my 09 535i for for a fmic install , occ install, firmware update and much more. When it comes to customer service and product knowledge Rob is second to none. Trust me when I say Rob goes above and beyond to make sure your satisfied. Thanks again Rob


Review 9:monkeypotomus (n54tech forum name) 2011 BMW 135i coupe:

Just wanted to offer an update based on some items that Rob helped me with on my 2011 135i N55 / DCT
Here are a few notes!
1) Rob does outstanding work!
2) Rob performs the work in very reasonable timeframe
3) Rob offers very reasonable rates for all of the work he performs
4) Rob follows up and has great customer service skills!

Here are the things that Rob did for me:
Walnut shell blasting
Spark plugs
Oil Change
JB4 installation and tutorial

Rob, thanks again for all the work! I will definitely be back for additional work as it is needed!

I would 100% recommend Rob to anyone wanting/needing any work done on their BMW.


Review 10:pianoman224 (n54tech forum name) 2008 BMW 335i:

Been a while since Rob walnut blasted my car, but I wanted to let everyone know that he does excellent work and his prices are more than reasonable.

He was 100 percent transparent on the service he performed and even showed me before and after pictures/video to show me that he actually worked on my car.

Great guy who knows his stuff, hit em up!


Review 11: alextu114 (n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i:

Created an account just to share my thoughts about the wonderful work Rob does! He’s a lifesaver! Brought the car in on a Sunday (Thanks again for being so flexible!) for Walnut Blasting and left with the best experience. Before and after was amazing, ports completely cleaned out and not just a blast job, Rob takes his time getting in there and make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned out.

Rob’s is a true professional, very detailed oriented and extremely knowledgeable. Car’s running strong and pulls hard like it should again. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hard working professional, look no further. I’ll definitely be hitting him up again for future work. Thanks for all your help Rob!


Review 12:jomamma (n54tech forum name) 2008 BMW 535i:

I’m just worried this post will cause a LOT of new business and then I won’t have the “hookup” anymore–seriously.




Review 13:Gojira (n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 135i:

A huge thanks to Rob for servicing my 135i today. Had the walnut shell blasting done and car runs like a champ. Rob also noticed that the two bottom bolts on the throttle body were gone and made sure I didn’t drive away without them. I am assuming the dealership did a sh**ty job of putting the car back together when the HPFP was replaced during the recall. All the boost is back and car is super strong.

So glad to have found a trustworthy person to service my car!


Review 14:selcareh (n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Sedan:

Shout out to Rob! He was able to fit me in on short notice for walnut shell blasting service, car is finally performing like it should! Also, he wrote down a few things I should keep an eye out and took pictures and videos as he went along with the service. Don’t hesitate to bring your car to him!


Review 15:sc76065 (n54tech forum name) 2014 BMW m235i Coupe:

Rob is the freaking man! Super knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I got a EWG JB4 + kittyless dp installed and came out learning a lot about my car

I always try taking my car to someone who is actually going to show me what is being changed on my car. Not only are his prices great but his genuine interest in your satisfaction is unlike any other. Rob walked me through of what was being done to my car each step and was happy to answer my questions during and even before the install. I would not hesitate to take my car to him again, 5 stars all day.


Review 16:Schneeball(n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Sedan:

Did the walnut blasting recently. Thanks Rob! He has the right equipment and technique to get it done right. His customer service equals his great work as he is passionate about our BMWs and our satisfaction. My E90’s throttle response and power is back to where it was a couple of years ago. I didn’t have what seemed to be a large amount of carbon at 59k miles compared to other pictures I’ve seen, but even so having that bit gone makes a big difference in the way it drives. Glad I came across this necessary maintenance, and glad I made the appt with Rob.


Review 17:Blown95ImpalaSS (n54tech forum name) 2008 BMW 135i Convertible:

Had to post up about my experience with Rob, I’m blown away by his professionalism and knowledge of the n54/n55 platforms. He works quickly, communicates well, and delivers a ridiculous standard of customer service that has all but disappeared from this industry. Thanks Rob!


Review 18:TheRealMcCoy24 (n54tech forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Coupe:

Have had the pleasure of taking my car to Rob for:

-JB4 G5 install
-Walnut Blast service
-Wheel spacer install
-CDV Delete
-Spark Plug replacement
-And misfire diag.

Rob is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable (inside & out), professional and reliable. Couldn’t be happier with the service he offers. He will go above and beyond to make sure your satisfied and then some and is always willing to teach you along the way. I am confident my car is in the best hands possible.


Review 19: mythek (e90post forum name) 2008 BMW 335i Coupe:

Rob is located in Yorba Linda. very well respected indie mech on bmw platform. he charges $250 that includes new gasket or $225 just walnut blasting. I haven’t heard a single complaint about him. I also very good personal experience with Rob.


Review 20: jmbillsta(e90post forum name) 2008 BMW 335xi:

Just paid Rob a visit today. Quick, fairly priced, and legit guy = win

Review 21: Matty135 (e90post forum name) 2008 BMW 135i:


My car has 49k miles on it and I decided it was time to get rid of the carbon buildup. There is a local board member, Rob, that I found on the e90post boards (N54tech link) that does this at a reasonable price and lives right down the street from me. He has done work on quite a few cars on the boards and everyone has spoke highly about him. I had him replace the Oil Filter Housing Gasket as well that I was told was leaking at my last oil change and would cost $600 to replace.

I drove the car about 20 miles tonight, and the acceleration feels a lot smoother and when doing a pull, the top end feels stronger. Those were my initial impressions at least. As far as Rob’s work, in my opinion I think he did a top notch job and he has great communication skills. Unfortunately for us (or me,) and fortunately for him, he starts school again soon, so his availability is limited. Anyways, I feel walnut shell blasting is a necessity for these engines and I hope everyone is able to get it done at least once during the ownership of their cars just to feel the difference.


Review 21:SoCal35Stephen (e90post forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Sedan:

I actually went and saw Rob last weekend to clean my valves. He did an amazing job, and is a great guy. For those who haven’t used his services, please don’t be jump to conclusions. Yes, he does work out of his garage, but he made me feel at home the whole time and was very transparent with what he was doing. He made sure to call me over throughout all the steps bc he knew how much time and money I have into my car. He found several clips and bolts that were broken along the way from my previous tuner, and informed me exactly what I needed if he didn’t have the parts on him. It’s amazing how many parts and locations he has memorized on these cars. While he was doing the valves, I got bored, and decided to do some body work on my right sideskirt (which got scraped and dented) and replaced the fender turn lights. I ingeniously dropped the front right cable harness inside of the fender, and he told me exactly which bolts and rivets I needed to remove to fish it back through while still working on the valves! He’s Very knowledgeable, intelligent, and respectful guy – not your average joke artist know-it-all by any means. I could def see him having a reputable shop some day. My car has about 18k in mods on it, and obviously the induction/turbo areas have a lot of rerouting. This was very familiar to him, and he even rerouted a few lines while putting it back together, which we found were stressed. He also replaced a few vacuum lines he thought might potentially collapse under high boost upon my request. It was awesome to see how clean he got the valves when he was done! My idle is obviously smoother now as expected, and the car is more responsive. I was getting a cylinder 5 (29D1) misfire code on my BMWhat Wifi app, and a few days after the work, it went away. Also, unlike the last time the valves were done, the car started right up afterwards haha I know it’s not a big deal, but it was cool to know that there wasn’t a bunch of residue and shell particles left behind. He also installed a new gasket for me of course. This job is not rocket science, as most of you know. It is however very labor intensive, strains your back and legs, requires certain tools, and demands the work ethic discerning eye not to cut corners. Rob does all of those things. Highly recommend him. – Stephen


Review 22:e92_philPhillip (e90post forum name) 2007 BMW 335i:

Guy is legit , I had him install my JB4, down pipes and intercooler. He is a great and honest guy. He works professionally out of his garage


Review 21:WaLLy350GT(e90post forum name) 2008 BMW 335i Sedan

Rob is the man! Had him do walnut blasting, brake fluid flush and an oil change on Thursday for a very fair price. He’s very meticulous and explains everything that will be done to the car.

I recommend Rob and his garage work.

And that carbon buildup! Glad to see it all cleaned out. Car’s running like a champ!


Review 22:slick714(e90post forum name) 2011 BMW 335is:

Rob is a good guy. Did my walnut blasting and car runs great. Very friendly and knowledgable. Going to be having him do my vrsf intercooler next.


Review 23:SGe92is(e90post forum name) 2011 BMW 335is:

Definitely recommended!!

I contacted Rob through his craigslist ad for walnut shell blasting. I recently took my car in to the dealer for a cpo fuel pump (hpfp) replacement (yeah its a 2011 and it failed) and they recommended induction cleaning for $700-$1400.

Speaking to Rob, I felt that he was very knowledgeable about this platform. So I decided to let him do the job.

When I arrived he immediately started explaining the process in depth. Everything was transparent. He offered to have me stay and watch or I could leave and come back. I decided to stay for a while and watch. He was very thorough about removing parts and keeping everything together and sorted out.

I decided to leave and run some errands while he worked. When I returned he had before and after photos to show me.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of a difference, but I could immediately feel the difference in smoothness and idle quality.

I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my car to Rob again, for walnut blasting or any other service.


Review 24:WhiteonRed335i(e90post forum name) 2007 BMW 335i:

I usually dont post and just read information on e90post since I am more of a lurker. But I figured I would help out Rob since he did such a good job on my car for cheap.

I have 75,000 miles on my car and my car was due to a Walnut shell cleaning. I contacted Rob after seeing this thread since I had never seen the service for so cheap before. The first time I called him he didn’t pick up so I left a voicemail and he called me back within about 5 minutes. He said he was working on another car so sometimes its hard for him to answer every call. Anyways, he told me he works from his home and answered all the questions I had. I asked him how many cars he has walnut blasted before and he said he has done over 50 cars now. I figured that was enough to convince me that he was qualified as well as all the positive reviews I read on this page and on N54tech website under the California section:

I set up an appointment with him and told him I wanted new manifold gaskets which he said he carries in stock. I went today (Friday) morning for the appointment at about 8am and he was accommodating with the early time. I chatted with him for a bit about mods and our cars while he removed all the parts for the job: I saw him take off the Intake, Chargepipe, Blow-off Valve, Manifold, and probably a few other things I am missing. He was careful to take off all the parts and also organized them nicely in the garage while he did the walnut blasting. I stayed to see the first 2 cylinder get cleaned and they look brand new. I was kind of surprised how good they looked! After a while I started getting restless halfway through the job. He mentioned earlier that I can stay the entire time to watch if I wanted or drop the car off if I had a ride. I didn’t have a ride but after about 1.5 hours I got a bit restless and decided to hang out with a local friend at a BJs restaurant instead of waiting the entire time. Rob was nice enough to drop me off there halfway through the job even though he didn’t have to and would only add extra hassle for him to drop me off and pick me up.

Anyways, when the job was done (total of about 4 hours) he showed me a video of the valves before and after and I could tell the video was not fake since it had my car in it and he even mentioned my name during the video as well. I was also shown pictures of the cylinders and how they looked after. He was very honest about his work and I was very happy with the cost involved for the quality. I only paid $225 for the labor and an extra $25 for the cost of the new manifold gaskets. The total I paid was $250. I have never seen the Walnut cleaning service offered for that cheap so I knew I would have to jump on it given he was qualified for the job. He exceeded all my expectations and I have already discussed coming back to him for a Brake fluid flush and Transmission flush for my car next week. He was willing to hook me up on the labor for both as long as I work with him on scheduling. Very nice guy and was willing to help me out with early timing and also dropping me off to the restaurant. I tipped him an extra $10 for all the help. Anyways here is a picture I took before I left to go eat that shows how new he was able to clean them up. I wish I had a before picture but it was too difficult to take one since it was completely black inside and no lighting. Rob sent me lots of before/after pictures before I made an appointment to prove his work on past cars so if you reach out to him I know he can show you those.

Cliff Notes: Cheap but high quality. Very accommodating, nice and quick to complete the job. Did I mention cheaper than anywhere I have looked?


Review 25:335Mike(e90post forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Sedan:

Rob is very knowledgable guy. He is more than reasonable on prices as well. Got my walnut blasting from him last week and car runs way better than before.
Definitely recommended.


Review 26:gotchuckz(e90post forum name) 2007 BMW 335i Coupe:

rob’s legit. just got the walnut blasting done. he’s honest and very knowledgeable.